Tuesday, September 29, 2009

bike 'n' ride

The Transport Secretary Lord Adonis has announced plans to the Labour Party Conference to encourage people to ride their bikes to the station to catch the train.
The bike and ride scheme includes £5m investment in 'cycle hubs' at ten major railway stations - providing commuters with a range of facilities including secure covered parking, cycle hire, information, retail and repair.

Four train companies have been selected to become flagship 'Bike 'n' Ride' operators while investment will also be provided to improve cycle access and create 10,000 extra cycle park spaces at stations across the country.

"The aim of the programmes announced today is to boost the significant number of people cycling to catch their train. This will tackle congestion, promote rail travel and help people develop healthier lifestyles and protect the environment."
Just a thought Lord Adonis .. .. most cyclists that I know would use their bikes in conjunction with the trains if they could easily take their bike on the train. It's all very well riding to the station but what about when you reach your destination? Is this a plan to encourage cyclists to purchase extra bikes so that they can store one at either end of their train journey?

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