Tuesday, November 3, 2009

cannabis penalties

The Home Office site has a list of the possible penalties for being caught with cannabis. Are you ready?
Penalties for possession - The maximum penalty is five years imprisonment.

Alternatively, police may:

* issue a warning (primarily for first-time offenders)
* issue a penalty notice for disorder, with an on-the-spot fine of £80
Disorder? If you are walking down the street with an 1/8 in your pocket that gets discovered in a stop and search, but you are totally sober and not creating any fuss at all, how the hell would that constitute disorder?


Ross said...

The sheer range of punishments shows how confused the situation is.
£80 fine to five years in prison for the same crime is ridiculous.

banned said...

Except that new research shows that the actual level of fines for carrying HEROIN is £38.00 FFS ( Sunday Telegraph ) down from £180 some years ago.