Saturday, November 21, 2009

saturday car post 1

As I was driving to work yesterday morning in the wind and the rain I witnessed something that made me shake my head in disbelief. The car in front of me, YA53 KKG, was sat right up the exhaust of a very nervous learner driver trying to pressurise them into driving faster.



Henry Crun said...

When drivers do that to me, I either brake very hard or just tap the brake pedal with my left foot just enough to make the brake lights come on.

It's quite entertaing to watch some twat in an Audi make his car stand on it's front grille.

If he goes into my rear it is automatically his fault, regardless of whether I braked unnecessarily or not.

captainff said...

Not sure that an instructor would teach such habits though HC .. .. ..

Done it a few times myself, especially to drivers who are trying to pressure me into exceeding the speed limit, although I prefer to gently ease off the accelerator.