Tuesday, July 19, 2011

more discussion on smoking

In the wake of the Stony Stratford protest my local radio station had a debate about smoking outdoors. The first two speakers were members of the public, one pro, one anti.

Then the Tobacco Control Alliance co-ordinator Karen Simmonds trotted out the usual anti-smokers rhetoric before Chris Snowdon (author of Velvet Glove, Iron Fist) spoke against the idea of a ban.

After that more callers, the majority of them against the idea, interspersed with Danny Pike asking "What ban should we call for first?" After about an hour the program drifted on to other subjects and I stopped listening. The whole thing can be heard if you live in the UK on iPlayer for the next seven days.

Clearly I've edited out the music, adverts, and other unnecessary noise to reduce the time of the clips.

What scares me the most is the ease with which many of the callers call for a ban on something be it cars, alcohol, or tobacco while defending their 'right' to do the thing they want to do. Surely one of them must realise how utterly ridiculous it is to take this position?


Dick Puddlecote said...

Top job again, MW :)

Anonymous said...

The "Big Society" plan exposed.


Eddie86 said...

What a load of bollocks

Junican said...

Have just looked at your link, Anon. Unbelievable, isn't it? I really thought that schools were supposed to be educating kids in academic studies and not lifestyles. Is there a GCSE in 'anti-smoking studies' somewhere, or is it pure propaganda?

The idiotic thing is that there is little doubt that their blandishments at the young will have entirely the opposite effect when the kids leave school.

But isn't it weird how Tobacco Control has infiltrated every facet of national life? What must this all be costing?