Monday, December 19, 2011

Mrs Tam Fry

As I was flicking through The Mirror at lunchtime today, waiting for my food to arrive, I noticed this story somewhere around page 9 of the paper. I can't find the Mirror's version online (The Express has also covered the story) so you'll have to make do with the dodgy photo instead.

Where to start? Researching how to take the pleasure out of food? That's just wrong. Food is fun. In my experience the people who think food isn't fun tend to be the overweight ones. There's no joy for them in cooking or eating but they continue to do it because they think they're hungry. Reducing eating to a chore that has to be endured is unlikely to help them or change their attitudes to food.

Chemically controlling if someone is hungry or not. I might have to reach for the tinfoil headwear but I can see many ways that could be misused. I don't understand what's wrong with good old fashioned self-control. Surely a better solution?

There was some research published a couple of months ago that suggested that thin parents had thin kids because they passed that trait on GENETICALLY. If it transpires that body mass is affected by your genetic inheritance then it won't make a difference what chemicals you ingest.

Finally, I had to snigger at this line
Tam Fry, from the National Obesity Forum, said she thinks the new pill "offers a breakthrough"
SHE? *childish giggles* Maybe that's why it's not on The Mirror's website?


banned said...

They tried to give me pills to make smoking seem unpleasant, didn't work.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Widdicombe

If memory serves, that nice Mr Orwell wrote about the EU in his history of the future Nineteen Eighty Four. He mentioned that they got together with their sworn enemy and their ally, the Oceanians and the Eastasians (or the other way round) to figure out how to stop sex from being as exciting as it is.

Seems like that will be on the agenda sometime.

Happy Christmas.