Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 olympics

Taken directly from the 2012 olympics site
London 2012’s ambition is to create a Games for everyone, where everyone is invited to take part, join in and enjoy the most exciting event in the world.

London 2012 will create the most accessible and participative Games.
Accessible and participative? Everyone is invited to take part, join in and enjoy? Unless of course they want to tell their friends about the experience. That is tightly controlled by a communications team to make sure the *right* message is being delivered.


Michael Fowke said...

Join in? Does this mean I can run in the Men's 100m final?

banned said...

"If you've got nothing to hide you've got nothing to lose" ?

Xopher said...

LONDON Olympics - The population unwillingly joined in by paying for it but most can't afford to go to it or simply have no interest in it.
All smokers, drinkers, eaters and others deemed unsuitable by the righteous are not welcome at it.

All part of our inclusive society!!

John M said...

I love the way these people are being described as "Games makers" Surely "unpaid volunteers" or even "free labour" would be more accurate? And now these mugs are going to be denied one of the few little kickbacks from giving up thier time; posting a pic on FB for thier friends to see.

I note that Sebastian Coe is not amongst these "Games makers", indeed he is doing very well out of it financially

James Higham said...

How can we ignore this thing this year?

Anonymous said...

James - Ignore what?