Friday, February 10, 2012

Caroline Lucas

Ms Lucas unveils a three point plan to reduce fuel poverty in today's Independent. Her three simple and sensible solutions are
First, we are calling on the Government to impose a similar levy to the one it has imposed on North Sea oil companies and the big banks. Over time, such a levy could raise billions, revenues that could be ring-fenced and used to ensure that every home is insulated and highly energy-efficient – starting with the homes of the fuel-poor. This would form part of a Green New Deal and would help to create thousands of new skilled jobs.
Impose a new tax
Second, to prevent energy companies from passing the cost of any levy on to customers, we want the Government to give Ofgem the power to cap prices. This could be linked to the wholesale price to make energy prices fairer.
Skew the market
Third, we want the Government to launch a public inquiry into the Big Six energy companies. The industry has a huge problem in terms of trust, and it is in the interests of energy suppliers themselves that these issues be addressed. We then need to devise appropriate reforms that ensure we have a market and an industry that serve people and planet before profit.
Impose more bureaucracy for the energy companies and skew the energy market further.

It just shows what a fucking nutter she is. Simpler and more sensible solutions to reducing fuel poverty would be
  1. remove VAT on fuel
  2. remove the environmental levy from fuel

In a stroke my solutions would reduce the price of fuel and reduce the cost of government rather than piling on more taxes and interfering with the market. A much simpler solution I trust you'll agree?


JuliaM said...

Totally agreed on the 'nutter' front. I wonder if she'll be re-elected..?

Anonymous said...

It's Brighton, Britain's California unless you are a one armed gay ethnic green communist you are viewed as being weird.
Lucas and Brighton are made for each other.
She will walk it.

Dr Evil said...

Spot in with your two points. I am thinking of unilaterally removing the renewable energy tax from my payments anyway. After all, we are all in this madhouse together!