Monday, February 6, 2012

smoking kids

You can download this poster from the British Lung Foundation. Yet another example of an image that had it been produced by a tobacco company would be illegal but, because it's been released by the anti-tobacco brigade is perfectly acceptable.

For reference the British Lung Foundation receives funds from the NHS, Pfizer, and Glaxo as indicated by their accounts.


Anonymous said...

Interesting, the exact same name for it is now showing up in UK. Makes you think that the highly profitable and top paying anti-smoking industry must be operating at an international level.

In California, San Francisco Bay Area, their same logo is "When you smoke, they smoke" - same thing.

Here is their link which includes the same kind of visually provocative propaganda videos.

Even the name - the same - "you smoke, they smoke" - more evidence that,

a) They work internationally
b) This starts in San Francisco California.

Anonymous said...


What if its a convertible with the hood down and there are no kids allowed?

Kinda fucks up that poster then?

Anonymous said...

Didja notice that that little girl has a serious case of 'man hand'?

Hairy arm, too! :)