Sunday, May 6, 2012

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Dear Virgin Media,

Your advertised "up to 30meg download speed" service is a fucking joke. The line is so dirty in this house that, even when we get a decent connection speed, the progress graph on speedtest looks like the Himalayas.

Not that I can leave you without buying out the remainder of the contract because each time I move you helpfully "refresh" my original 12 month contract for a new 12 month period. You utter cunts. So, as I'm stuck with you for a while, the only action I can take is to show potential customers just precisely how shit your service is.

Yours frustratedly



Xopher said...

Ditto for TalkTalk. During the past 5 months my connection has been over 1Mps for only around 7 days and the most of the time around 0.125Mps despite an available capacity of around 1.79Mps.

The first problem is trying to contact them - they have an email complaints system that refused to send the message - They have a phone number to their first line of obstruction that tells you to spend ages doing checks at your end of the system (despite neighbours having similar problems) and finally says they can't check your line because the modem isn't no longer on their list even though it came with the original contract.
Even letters were met with institutional ignorance.
Last week I bullied my way to a glimpse daylight but I had to use their speedchecker to confirm I had a problem!!! - They hadn't checked my details 'cos I'd already done it AND ----
Hurrah! I was elevated to another level and that despite me not having a mobile phone for text updates and after getting special permission from a supervisor they bent the system so the technical guy could actually use a landline to talk to me.
He called and !!!Said I he could see I had a problem!!!! - It was BTs fault but I had to use BTs speedtester so BT could confirm I had a problem.
BT man left message - all electrical problems solved -WOW Brill - sorted -not!
More calls - my service reset - short lived happiness - 2 or 3 hours at 1.5Mps but then down to 0.117Mps if I have any service at all and that when my modem and BT tell me that 2.080Mps download is available!

I'm sure anyone desperate enough to read this will be well bored but I feel better for writing it down. If you're really desperate I can always relate the next chapter :<}

Eddie86 said...

I'm with BT and currently getting speeds of 0.1mps throughout the day. I joke not when I say using my phone as a hot-spot provides faster internet access. Customer service score so far is nil - 5 days from email sent as per request and no response other than an auto-reply asking me to check I'm plugged into a filter and to look at their website for more advice.

How the fuckity fuck fuck am I meant to look at their website to fix my internet when I have no internet! I KNOW there is nothing wrong my end as nothing has changed my end!

The Cowboy Online said...

Are you connecting wirelessly? I ask because I installed Virgin's 'up to 50Mbps' service a couple of month's back and was getting really poor speeds.

I connected a laptop, via UTP, to the Virgin box and could see I was getting over 40Mbps.

I upgraded my PC's wireless adaptor to a N (from a G previously) and am now getting much better speeds.

Anonymous said...

interesting to see this post as i have been tasted with find a provider for my uni house so glad i didn't pick virgin as when i rang them to ask what the line speed would be the couldn't tell me even know they now how many people are no their network in the area the distance from my house to the exchange all all other info you would need to tell me the speed all they would say is upto 30 50 or 100mb

But Bt were quite happy to tell me i would get 57mbs and not to expect more glad i chose them they installed infinity and guess what i get between 50-57mbs

TLB the little brother