Friday, January 18, 2013

tickers paradise

A few months ago I was approached by, first one then the other half of, Pig and Porter looking for help with setting up the brewing side of their outdoor catering/events company. Their brewer had been refining his skills on a homebrew kit and needed a little help scaling those recipes up to commercial sized brews. Over the final months of last year those ideas reached fruition and their inaugural brew called Red Spider Rye, which I was honoured to be part of, reached a fermenter in the afternoon of the 31st December 2012. And it's fucking amazing.

Their situation was similar to mine 18 months ago, after the events of the abyss, where I was looking to start the brewery but couldn't find anyone who would rent me their spare capacity to brew into. It seems that some breweries are lacking confidence in their product so they're not prepared to help a potential competitor. We say "bring it on"! The larger the number of strong breweries producing high quality, full flavoured beers, the better.

The first firkin of their beer was delivered to one of our regular customers, The Selden Arms Worthing, in preparation for their winter beer festival (24th - 26th Jan) alongside some other casks of hard to get hold of ales. Among those are the Maple Porter (5.0%) from Brighton Bier Co and my Pyecombe All Ye Faithful (7.4%).

If you want to be part of a small select group who have tried these beers there's only one place to be next weekend ........


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James Higham said...

Go to it rightly, m'lad and mind ye wipe yer mouth afterwards.